Michael Ealy: Don’t think like a man

    Should women really think like men when it comes to love? Michael Ealy doesn’t think so.

    Romantic comedies would have you think that love is a battlefield and every move you make in a relationship should be carefully thought out. Every decision you make should be part of some larger strategy.

    Michael, who stars in Steve Harvey’s upcoming movie Think Like A Man, thinks it would be good to consider your boo’s point of view, but don’t adopt his thought process.

    "I think women should have insight as to how men think. Just like men should have insight into how women think," he told The Huffington Post during a recent interview when asked if women should get into the habit of thinking like men. 

    Knowing how men think and actually thinking like one are two very different things. Michael doesn’t suggest that you use your insight to play games because you eventually have to get real to form any meaningful bond. He believes Think Like A Man does a great job of illustrating that point.

    "One of the things that this movie does is, everybody looks at the dating game as just that: a game. But with this movie we bring you through that with the gamesmanship and ‘I’m doing this and you’re doing that,’ and all of that chess-playing back and forth," Michael said. 

    He continued, "What brings this movie home in the end is the fact that everyone feels a sense of connection with the other person, which surmounts the gamesmanship. And everybody is able to put the games away and be themselves and that’s where they find the true connection."

    Michael has learned many lessons in love, but unlike the guys in Think Like A Man, he’s had to learn them through experience.

    "No, I wasn’t smart enough to read relationship books when I was coming up. I learned everything the hard way," Michael admitted. "And I, like Dominic, would listen to my dumb-a$$ friends. At a certain point you’re like, ‘I got this, thank you!’"



    —Sonya Eskridge




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