Erykah Badu prepping two albums

    Along with being a mother, midwife and spokeswoman, Erykah Badu is working to complete her forthcoming solo project and a collaborative album with her group, the Cannabinoids.

    “I give myself room to breathe and grow and to procrastinate but to finish those projects is my next successful moment that I am seeking,” said Erykah who is known for keeping her own pace and rhythm. “I am working really hard this year. I don’t have much time to write but I can do it.”

    Fortunately for the Cannabinoids project she has some musical assistance. The group is comprised of producers/keyboardists such as Jah Born (“On & On”), her musical director, R.C. Williams and more. The group’s name references the receptors in marijuana that produce chemical changes and feelings of hunger, paranoia and addiction. But Erykah is hoping listeners get addicted to the group’s digital hip-hop influenced sound, which has helped reinvigorate her creativity.

    “We are about impromptu performing and we are in the studio trying to recreate something we did on the spot and that’s fun. Our theme is welcome to the human brain and science of addiction. We want you to become addicted to that,” she said.

    The only other thing that might be just as irresistible as the group’s sound is the Hennessy drink inspired by Erykah titled, The Music Icon. As demonstrated by mixologist, Jordan Bushell at a mixer was held at Soho House in New York City, the flavorful drink is as complex, original and satisfying as Erykah’s music with fresh lime juice, agave nectar, crème de mure, and a basil leaf floating on top of foamy egg whites.

    While the drink makes a  powerful statement on the palate, Erykah is focused on making an impact musically demonstrating that technology and musicianship can co-exist. For her new albums she is relying on digital tools since she tours eight months out of the year, but rest assured that you will still get that warm soulful feeling.

    “I am still analog girl but I can swim in the digital world. I prefer analog songs so before everything is pressed to wax or digitized it goes back to the tape. So it’s well balanced at this point,” said Erykah whose fans likely won’t mind joining her on her journey of self-discovery, passion and powerful music. Cheers to that.





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