Jaleel White claims ex just wants money

    “Did I do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?” might have been the famous line Jaleel White often said as ‘90’s sitcom character Urkel on “Family Matters,” but now he sets the record straight and says he did nothing wrong.

    Recently, ex-girlfriend Bridget Hardy and mother of Jaleel’s 2-year-old daughter accused the sitcom star of being verbally and physically abusive. Jaleel noted that her charges were suspiciously timed to coincide with his TV comeback on “Dancing With the Stars” and suggested that his recent success may be to much for her to “stomach.”


"There was no verbal abuse. Couples argue; that’s normal. I’m not going to pretend like we didn’t have any arguments, obviously we broke up. But to say verbal abuse, and to come out with that during ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ when this is an old child custody case matter that was settled in 2010,” he said, questioning Bridget’s motives.

    He also stated there was “zero” physical abuse. 

Jaleel pointed out that charges were never filed when Bridget originally made the claims back in 2010.  According to Jaleel this is old news. 

“It was an attack on my joy,” he told "Entertainment Tonight."


Jaleel explained that he received an email from Bridget wishing him well on “Dancing With the Stars,” and she wanted to meet for coffee. He said he “flirted” with the idea of meeting her since he hadn’t seen her in several months, but his manager advised him against it. When he responded to the email and told her to speak with his manager and submit a written request, she replied, “no worries.” Then the allegations came out.

    Jaleel stated he believes the out-of-the-blue correspondence was an attempt to get more money on the brink of his TV comeback. "I have to assume that that’s what it’s about

—if you’re not going to put it in email form. That it’s like, ‘Hey here’s my offer.’"

    Jaleel explained that although he was never married to Bridget, he has always provided for his daughter. “I’m a passionate provider,” he explained. “You end up with this beautiful child and it changes you.” 


    Watch more of Jaleel’s "Entertainment Tonight" interview below.




—Kia Jefferson


    Whose side do you believe? Is the ex trying to rain on what could be Jaleel’s TV comeback parade?


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