Monica Brown doesn’t judge ‘Basketball Wives’

    Some real life basketball wives have taken issue with the hit VH1 reality series that supposedly depicts what life courtside is like, but Monica Brown isn’t tripping.

    “As far as the show goes, I have no judgment that I place on other people. I wish every single one of them the best,” Monica told the “Russ Parr Morning Show” in reference to "Basketball Wives."

    The singer is married to the NBA’s Shannon Brown, but she said his occupation had absolutely nothing to do with their courtship and eventual nuptials.

    “I am very happily married, and I think that the reason I am so happy in my marriage is because I don’t look at him just as an athlete. We didn’t meet under false pretenses. We met each other as Shannon and Monica,” said Monica, who would still cheer hubby even if he weren’t a basketball star.

    “It’s my job to support, uplift and be there,” she said.

    Monica has starred in her own reality series and hasn’t yet expressed an interest in participating in “Basketball Wives.” However, it seems she might have more luck as a newcomer to the series than some of the women who’ve been introduced since season 1. So far, she has nothing negative to say about any of them.

    “If you meet women who are on the show, you’d be surprised by how many of them are genuinely really good people. You can’t judge people, especially by the things you see strictly on television, especially for an hour one day a week,” said Monica.

    While many of the series’ stars, including executive producer Shaunie O’Neal, weren’t very well known before the show premiered, they are now celebrities in their own rights with T-shirt, jewelry and cosmetics lines to their credit.

    “I’m excited to see a lot of them. They have lip-glosses and clothing lines. It opened a lot of doors,” said Monica. “There’s a reason they chose that path. Hopefully, that path takes them to all the other places they want to be.”

    Singer Brandy, who once dated L.A. Lakers star Kobe Bryant and was engaged to Orlando’s Quentin Richardson, chimed in on the topic, too.

    “As far as dating a basketball player, it wasn’t about dating a basketball player. It was about the connection between the other person and myself,” she said.

    As for the show, she said: “That’s like my favorite show. It’s entertaining to me.”

    Listen to more of Monica and Brandy’s interview below.

    See photos of Monica with Shannon, Brandy, Toya Wright, Tiny and more!

    —Tracy L. Scott


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