Date Night With Darren Harper

    There’s nothing sexier than a man who’s not afraid to pave—or skate—his own path, and professional skateboarder Darren Harper has done just that. The steamy skater, who made a name for himself as the talent who rose from the ashes of the mean streets of Southeast, Washington, D.C., spends his time traveling for skateboarding competitions and educating the city’s youth on the dangers of the streets (while handing out free skateboards and lessons). That doesn’t make him too busy for love, though.

    While a nice smile, some “smarts” and a confident demeanor are high up on Darren’s checklist, one big thing that makes this skater’s heart go pitter-patter is what the woman of his dreams is rockin’ on her feet. “When I first meet her, I always glance down at her shoes.”

    Read on for more on Darren’s dream date. 

    Ariana: What would you wear and what should she wear?
    Darren: It depends on the setting of where we’re going. As long as you’re clean … I love a woman who smells good. … I like to throw on maybe some—not too dressy—but some Pradas or something like that as far as me. And just—not really a button-down, you know, but I’ve been hitting the gym a lot so I like to wear fitted shirts. Just to mesmerize the woman, let her see the features. … With a young lady, you know, same way. I would like her to show me a little bit of curves, with a nice-fitting skirt or something like that. … Definitely heels, though; I love to see a woman in heels.

    Ariana: Do you prefer going out to eat or cooking for her?
    Darren: I prefer going out to eat. I’m big on just trying—just going out to eat as a whole.

    Ariana: Can you cook?
    Darren: Yes, I can! I’m sure I can read a book and figure it out!

    Ariana: What topics would you say are off-limits?
    Darren: Really nothing. No topics are off-limits to me. I’ll [converse] about anything. I don’t mind.

    Ariana: What personality trait would you say is a deal breaker?
    Darren:  Let’s say, maybe welfare. Again, I like ’em independent.


    Would Darren have his date on a skateboard for a first date? Find out in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    — Ariana Gordon

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