Review: ‘Scandal’

    From the moment we saw the first promo for Shonda Rhimes’ newest series, we had high expectations. After "Grey’s Anatomy" and "Private Practice," we figured that Shonda knows what she’s doing. The fact that Kerry Washington was heading up the cast was just the icing on the cake. Columbus Short getting on the show was the sprinkles.

    So how did "Scandal" measure up? Was it as awesome as we hoped it would be? In a word: Yes. But get the full breakdown of all the awesomeness below!

    What we like:
    - It’s another Shonda Rhimes show. Who doesn’t love that?
    - Columbus Short’s job interview/offer was genius.
    - Olivia Pope is a bad bitch, and Kerry Washington has the perfect demeanor to pull it off. Who else is going to tell the president of the United States to get on her schedule in such a fabulous way?
    - Kerry goes from quiet commander to demanding leader in no time, and she pulls off both very believably.
    - The dry humor was amazing.
    - The director brought all the different members’ jobs together in a succinct and clever way.
    - Olivia almost never has a hair out of place despite never getting any sleep.
    - We loved Kerry’s corporate wardrobe! For some reason we feel like white trench coats are going to be huge this fall.
    - Never a dull moment! There was a lot going on in the series debut including the major bombshell that the president is in love with Olivia!
    - Olivia gives the scariest friendly advice ever!
    - Olivia gets to just drop in on the president whenever she wants. That’s pull!
    - Although Olivia is a high-powered attorney with a near-permanent poker face, she’s got some very human moments.
    - Olivia Pope’s gut is never wrong…except for those couple of times when it is. That’s what makes the show interesting!

    What they need to work on:
    - Please, God, don’t let Olivia be a presidential jump-off!
    - No one on the team (including the boss) gets to have a life or sleep…except for the White guy, who cheats on his fiancee.
    - All the different dramas going on were a little tough to follow at first.
    - The newbie is just a little too much of a star-struck eager beaver. She just didn’t seem to fit, and it looks like the team will have to drag her along for a while.
    - How does Olivia have time to help plan everyone else’s life but her own?
    - The camera sweeps as Olivia explained her process were a bit too theatrical.
    - Olivia almost never has a hair out of place despite never getting any sleep!
    - We almost can’t believe that Sully chose to go to jail over just coming out of the closet!

    In case you missed "Scandal" last night (or you just want to watch it again), check out the video below and tell us what you think of the new series.



    If you can’t wait for more, you’re in luck! Watch the second episode of "Scandal" below now!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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