Sheree Whitfield fired over salary demands?

    Demands for more money may have led Bravo to fire Sheree Whitfield from the cast of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” according to sources.

    Sheree, who has been a cast member of the hit reality series since its premiere season, asked execs to increase her salary to something more comparable to her sometimes rival NeNe Leakes.

    According to S2S sources, NeNe, arguably the breakout star of the show, gets about $750K for stirring up drama on the series. It’s not clear what Sheree’s salary was, but the former designer reportedly asked for more and ended up cut.

    Insiders close to the show’s stars said Sheree begged to remain on the series and broke down into tears.

    “If she’s dropped … she’s in a f_cked up place right now,” said the source, who couldn’t definitively confirm whether Sheree was axed or not.

    “The way Bravo operates is that they don’t tell you [anything]. So, I don’t know. I heard people talking about it, but until one of the producers tells me, I don’t know it for a fact,” said the insider.

    This season, Sheree has spent most of her time arguing with members of The Talls crew, mainly NeNe and Marlo Hampton, and she’s been a loyal friend to Kim Zolciak, who will soon be featured in her own Bravo series.

    However, in her efforts to be loyal to Kim, Sheree seemed to alienate fellow Smalls co-star Kandi Burruss.

    It’s not clear whether those relationships have anything to do with Sheree’s rumored dismissal.

    No matter the reason, if Sheree has been cut from the show, many wonder how the single mother and homeowner will survive. Fans of the show were witness to Sheree’s failed attempt to build a dream house before the 2011 holiday season.

    “Once it’s over, you gotta have money coming in,” said the source. “She had four years to be on [‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’]. She couldn’t come up with something? She didn’t put no money away?” asked the source.


    Kim Zolciak will be starring in her own show. Marlo Hampton was never an official cast member. Who’s missing?

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Would you like to see Sheree show up as a regular on Kim Zolciak’s new show? Should Sheree return to the fashion industry? Leave your comments below.


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