T.I. talks ‘Trouble Man’

    T.I. said he has got something really new, but not entirely unexpected, for fans on his new album Trouble Man.

    Last week Tip dropped the first single for the album, "Love This Life," which may sound a little different from what people might have anticipated.

    When he announced the new album shortly after his release from jail, listeners wondered what T.I. would come out with this time around.  The rapper told radio personality TT Torrez that he wanted to go for something fresh that fans didn’t even know they had been wanting to hear.

    "I just do what I feel the streets want to hear me do," he said. "I’ve always been a man of the people, so I’m always trying to find things that people are used to hearing me do and mix it with things they’ve never heard me do before."

    There are some who say that "Love This LIfe" is reminiscent of T.I.’s hit "Whatever You Like." While Tip doesn’t deny that the pieces do compliment each other in their message, he doesn’t feel like he just rehashed an old idea.

    As he explained, "I felt like the sound was so unique and there wasn’t anything out there like that. I just was encouraged by the reactions that I got every time I played it." 

    Many also wonder why The King of the South chose to give his album the name Trouble Man, because his image at home and on his reality show was that of a family man.

    "I set a bar for myself and when people think T.I., they think ‘danger music,’" T.I. explained.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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