‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 4.10.12

    Evelyn’s out for blood

    Evelyn t-shirt line: "I’m cool catching a case."

    Evelyn Lozada was more than ready to rumble on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives." She wanted to get her hands (or her bottle of wine) on Kenya Bell so badly, she questioned why other cast members kept her from beating up the newbie.

    While Tami Roman isn’t so into  Kenya, she wasn’t about to just let the woman get beat up. For all her desire to see a fight this season—particularly to see Kenya catch a beat down—she was quick to push Kenya out of the way! There was no telling what the outcome would have been, but we’re pretty sure paramedics might have been needed.

    Once Kenya was safely out of the room, Evelyn was still shouting threats!  The rest of the cast was just shocked that Evelyn picked up a wine bottle to throw at her target. Shaunie O’Neal couldn’t believe that a bottle of wine went over her head.

    But we’re left to wonder: Who would win in a fight between Evelyn and Kenya?

    Jen admits she was wrong

    Things were considerably more peaceful when Jennifer Williams and Royce Reed sat down to make peace. While things were a bit icy at the beginning, Royce cut right to the heart of the matter by telling Jen she was mean.

    Instead of the accusation being the opening salvo in a shouting match, Jen accepted her fault on their fallout. Mainly, Jen couldn’t tell Royce what exactly she’d said to get the bougiest basketball wife mad in the first place.


    Evelyn picks out invites

    In between throwing bottles and beefing with ex-BFFs, Evelyn’s got a wedding to plan!

    While news of their wedding has been circulating since last year, it seems that Evelyn is bit behind the ball when it comes to sending out her save-the-date cards and wedding invites. Ev and fiancee Chad Ochocinco were hard pressed to determine a specific wedding date (which the public still doesn’t know), so it makes sense that invites haven’t been mailed out yet.

    With five months left until the big day, and a top-notch wedding planner at her disposal, Evelyn’s still trying to figure out how she wants to formally issue details about the ceremony itself.

    Of course there was also another dilemma for Evelyn: What happens if you decide to cross a tentative invitee off the guest list?



    Who is Kenya Bell?

    There’s some debate among the cast of "Basketball Wives" over who Kenya Bell really is. Did they get to the bottom of that mystery when she screened her first music video?

    We don’t think so.


    Tami needs a hug

    Tami sat down and had a tough conversation with her mom, where she revealed her past traumas.

    Her tough exterior melted cracked for the second time this season when she told her  mother that she’d been sexually violated.  In with all of that, Tami expressed that some of her anger came from feeling that her mother had not been as nurturing as she could have been. 

    Tami wasn’t ungrateful for all that her mother had done to provide for her, but she wanted to open up and let her mom know what she’s been going through.


    —Sonya Eskridge



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