Mary Mary talks Black love

    The ladies of Mary Mary recently sat down with S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown to discuss their family, career and new reality series.

    The sisters, who are both married with children, also talked about Black romantic relationships. Why can’t Black men and women seem to connect easily?

    Erica’s husband Warryn also chimed in to give his opinion on the matter. Get one Black man’s opinion on why some brothers refuse to date Black women.

    Read it.

    Why do our men say, “I will never date a Black woman”?
    Erica: Well, some of them are pretty angry.
    Tina: You can’t be mad at them.
    Erica: Warryn’s White engineer always has a Black woman. You know there’s a Black woman and there’s a Black woman that’s kind of White? No, he likes the blackest Black woman.
    Jamie: But, nobody announces it to the world like our men.
    Erica: Right.
    Jamie: What is that, Warryn?
    Warryn: That’s somebody who’s been repeatedly hurt, starved, rejected, too yelled at, you know? All those things are associated with the Black experience, sometimes.
    Erica: Scar after scar after scar.
    Jamie: I don’t think it’s always their experience.
    Tina: Ignorance is always gonna exist and some people are just ignorant.
    Jamie: Right. Yeah.
    Tina: It’s like racism. I’ll tell you what. There’s a certain feeling that my father will always feel about White people. You know why? Because his upbringing yielded very hurtful, damaging experiences. I don’t have that view because that was not my experience.
    Jamie: I hate to have to cut this off because you see there’s so much more to talk about. It was so nice talking to you.
    Erica: Jamie, we’re so thankful for the Stellars. [Mary Mary’s] first performance was your invention.
    Jamie: Oh, my god.
    Tina: That was one of our first performances.
    Erica: And you presented us.

    Get more from the sisters in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


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