MeMpHiTz talks life and work with Toya

    Married life is doing wonders for MeMpHiTz, who’s got a new clothing line with wife Toya Wright.

    MeMpHiTz revealed to It’s Only Entertainment that he and the misses are getting ready to release an affordable line of apparel this summer!

    "Wal-mart just offered to put our clothing lines in their stores starting July 1st for the going back-to-school season," he said.  "She’s working on her line and I am working on mine."

    Aside from being Toya’s hubby, most people know MeMpHiTz as a music producer, and he’s still got his eye on the studio. He dished that he’s getting ready to finalize a lucrative deal with one of his artists.

    "Signing Key Swag to Interscope Records right now. I don’t want to put too much on myself, but [I’m] working towards a billion dollars. Like I always speak billions! I wouldn’t mind 1.5 billions dollars! I will get to the moon."

    The music executive also confirmed his onscreen aspirations as he preps a TV show that touches on a hot-button issue: women who date married (or otherwise spoken-for) men.

    "Right now, I have a reality show I’m working on called ‘The Mistresses’. That’s just one of many shows that I have that’s kind of attacking certain issues in life but at the same time there is a lesson to be caught inside of them," MeMpHiTz said. "There’s a lesson to be caught in the string of shows I am about to do, although it may be ugly in the beginning, there are lessons to be learned."

    Toya may not have to worry about MeMpHiTz bringing his work on the show home as he still seems very smitten with his new bride! If anything, MeMpHiTz feels that being with Toya has helped keep him on task.

    It’s pretty cool. I love being married," MeMpHiTz said. "It focuses me. I’ve never been this focused. When I wasn’t married, I was focused but a certain percentage of my focus was on things that is not on my mind now like the girls and things that come with the business. But now that I’m married, I’m just so focused."

    But he wasn’t done gushing about Toya just yet, stating, "She has my back and I love her for that. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I really look at her as a blessing from God, like shes a gift to me and it’s something I cherish."



    —Sonya Eskridge





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