Evelyn Lozada talks bottle toss

    Evelyn Lozada knows she’s wrong for throwing a bottle at "Basketball Wives" newbie Kenya Bell.

    Evelyn blogged about the infamous fight, admitting that she could have handled her dispute with Kenya a little better.

    "Yes, I did throw the bottle and last week I owned up to the fact that I shouldn’t have because I could have seriously hurt someone," Evelyn wrote, revealing that she is working on dealing with her anger issues. "My anger did get the best of me, which is something I’m working on and I’m really happy and thankful that Tami [Roman] got in the middle."

    And despite her pointed attack on Kenya’s overall look and personality during the incident, she said that Kenya’s got some vocal chops! "I do think she has a beautiful voice," Evelyn stated, "but it’s everything else about her that’s a hot mess!"

    Evelyn was not so kind when it came to her ex-BFF Jennifer Williams, who made up with Royce Reed on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives." According to Ev, it was all for show!

    Jennifer didn’t want to film that scene, she did it because she needed camera time. This was something that was forced," Evelyn accused. "You know I hear everything behind the scenes and she was def off it! Not to mention, I find it ironic that she would apologize to Royce, but hasn’t apologized to me yet."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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