Robin Thicke explains ‘Love After War’ title

    Robin Thicke explained how he came up with the title for his track, “Love After War,” and it had everything to do with his admiration for his wife.

    “I saw what a woman goes through during pregnancy to have a child and what it does to a relationship. I have this theory: If you can get through the pregnancy and the first year of the baby, you can stay together, but a lot of people, they can’t even make it through that first year,” said Robin, who is the proud father of a 2-year-old son.

    The R&B crooner, who met his wife, actress Paula Patton, as a teenager, said being a new father has required him to step up his game.

    “I thought I was sensitive and compassionate before but when you really see what that does to a relationship and to a woman’s experience, you really learn what real patience and compassion and love is really about,” he said.

    “We would be bickering and fighting over nothing sometimes, and I realized I can’t ask too much of her right now. I have to be the love after the war right now.”

    Watch more of Robin below.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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