Judy Smith talks real-life ‘Scandal’

    Real-life crisis management expert Judy Smith, whose life serves as fodder for the ABC drama “Scandal,” said in reality, the cases she takes are even more involved than what fans see on the show.

    “The cases that you guys read about or you see, are cases that for whatever reason became public that we were working on. Maybe I had to give somebody a quote on the record, or issue a statement with my name on it, but a lot of those cases we could have been working on for eight or so months,” she said.

    Like the show depicts, many times the scandals are kept under wraps and the public never even knows about the drama.

    “We were working on that case for about six or seven months before anybody even knew we were working on it,” Judy said about the infamous Michael Vick dogfighting case.

    Judy has been a crisis manager for 20 years. Likewise, a lot of time and effort went into Kerry Washington’s preparation for the role of Olivia Pope.

    “Kerry and I were pretty much joined at the hip. We spent an awful lot of time together. We talked about the work that I do and how we do it. I spent an awful lot of time with the writers and really talked to Kerry and the writers about each script,” she said.

    Judy shares more about her day-to-day life and working on "Scandal" in the September 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    Judy talks about confidentiality and more below. Watch.





    —Tracy L. Scott



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