Timbaland compares Aaliyah and Beyoncé

    If Aaliyah were alive today, Timbaland believes that she would be the hottest chick in the game.

    The producer, who worked very closely with Aaliyah, told the crew of "The Breakfast Club" that he believes Aaliyah would be a household name. "I think she would have been Beyoncé status ’cause she was the first one who was doing all those things," Timbaland mused. "She wasn’t a fabulous singer, but she was a great singer."

    Timbo doesn’t think Aaliyah would have been better than Bey, but all things being equal he thinks they would have been on par with each other. That’s not just in terms of vocals, either. The producer said that Aaliyah was one of the first artists to do movie roles and use her star power outside of the studio.

    "She would have been an icon. She’d have been the first light-skinned chick that every pretty girl could relate to," Timbaland asserted.

    This comes on the heels of whispers that Drake is trying to work on a posthumous collaboration with Aaliyah. Instead of denying the rumors, Timbaland noted that he’s heard some producers are trying to come out with some of her previously unreleased material.

    "I know they’re trying to drop some Aaliyah records. I got something that I’m trying to put out," Timbo confessed. "I got one now…it’s just for the fans."

    Timbaland couldn’t confirm Drake’s plans for a collaboration, but should one be produced he feels that the rapper should make a little more room on the track. 

    "If [Drake does] do it, it should be with me and him and Missy," Timbaland stated, adding that he’s frustrated because no one has talked to him about such a project. "I would do it. But to just put it on his album, or to put it on his record—or however it be—it would just not be right."

    Still Timbaland knows that Drake doesn’t necessarily need to come through him to make a collaboration happen. He wasn’t shy about stating, though, that it is what the public would expect.

    "The best decision what the fans would want to see is all three of us. Not on a separate album," Timbaland said. "It’s got to be for charity. We’ve got to give back. It can’t be something to make money off of I don’t think because I think that’s wrong to make money off the dead."


    Timbaland also spoke about the first time he worked with Jay-Z on his hit track "Jigga What." The producer said he and Hov had a great rapport with one another in the studio, and he hopes to revisit that chemistry.

    "My biggest dream is to do a whole album with the dude," Timbaland said. "That’s my goal. I pray on that because I know what it could be."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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