Big Tigger talks dating single moms

    Women are often criticized for having strict lists that can limit their chances of finding love, but it turns out men have their criteria, too.

    The surprise would be if a man’s list didn’t require that a woman be beautiful, and entertainment personality Big Tigger was predictable when asked what he likes in a lady. The first thing he listed was appearance.

    “I have to like what I see. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a model, you have to be a certain complexion, you have to be a certain dress size… I have to like what I see,” Tigger said during a recent relationship panel.

    To be fair, he also wants a woman who’s intelligent, goal oriented, compassionate, affectionate and one with whom he connects.

    That makes sense, but Tigger also admitted that he’s not too interested in a woman with children; although, he’s not ruling that out.

    “I would love a woman who didn’t have any kids. I want to go through that experience for the first time with my wife,” said Tigger who’s pushing 40 but has no children of his own.

    “Finding a woman who has no kids, is getting a little sketchy,” said Tigger. “So, I had to put a little asterisk next to that on my list.”

    People are entitled to their preferences. There are plenty of women—those with children and those without—who choose not to date men with children. However, some of the most stable relationships seem to be those made from blended families.

    Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker and Tiny and T.I. are just two couples that seem to be doing fine even though each individual had children before meeting “the one.”

    So, should the single and childless get off their high horses and start giving their parental counterparts a closer look?

    While that might be a solution for some, relationship experts warn singles over and over to never settle. So, if someone refused to date a single parent at 23, should he or she change that tune at 43? Although Tigger has an asterisk on his list, isn’t that the definition of settling?

    Whatever characteristics you have on your list, Tigger, who doesn’t at all fancy himself an expert, suggests that singles determine what’s most important.

    “You need to prioritize your list. What can you do with and what can you do without? I’ve shortened my list a couple times,” he admitted.

    Watch what else Big Tigger had to say and leave your comments below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you have a relationship list? Have you ever changed or updated it? If so, why? Do you know people who refuse to date single parents? Leave your comments.


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