‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 4.17.12

    A day at the races turned into fight night on the latest episode of "Basketball Wives."

    T-shirt line: "People can’t afford $1000 shoes"

    Someone I used to know

    It’s the episode viewers have been waiting for! "BBW" fans have been hearing about Jennifer Williams getting slapped by Evelyn Lozada’s assistant Nia Crooks since January. Now, the events that led up to that infamous moment unfold.

    But before Nia and Jen came to blows, Nia explained her problem with Jen to Evelyn, who is bothered by the breakdown of Nia’s friendship with Jen.

    Nia seems very hurt by the fact that Jen has essentially cut her off and is now treating her like anyone else in the general population. They used to be such good friends, too. It’s such a shame.

    Aside from their personal differences, Nia also takes issue with the fact that Jen still has a key to her home, and she wants it back. Now!

    In a move hopefully orchestrated by producers, Evelyn suggests that Nia tag along with her to the racetrack so that she and Jen can have a heart-to-heart. But we’re pretty sure that Evelyn, who had no lack of comments about Jen, had an inkling that it wasn’t going to be a peaceful chat.

    Evelyn closes up shop

    The ladies of "Basketball Wives" are accustomed to wearing the finest clothes and the hottest shoes with accessories to match. Evelyn turned that passion for fashion into a business with her shop Dulce.

    We haven’t seen Evelyn spending much time in the shop over the seasons, but there was no reason not to assumed that business was booming since she got on the show. Wrong.

    With the economy such as it is, people are being a lot more careful with their cash. That means every purchase is scrutinized and a lot of shopping trips are being nixed to pay bills.

    "People can’t afford $1000 shoes," Evelyn reasoned while explaining to her singular employee that she was restructuring the business model for Dulce. Instead of one brick-and-mortar store, she’s selling her wares online and lowering the price point.


    VH1 plugs ‘Think Like A Man’

    Ok, being a reality star definitely has its perks! For example, Jen hooked up most of the cast with a private screening of Think Like a Man.

    Cast member Terrence J came out to introduce the film to the ladies, but he had a legitimate question for the uber-exclusive crowd: Who’s really better at playing mind games in relationships?

    There was some disagreement about who’s really smarter at fighting the battle of the sexes, but the point of this segment was really to slip in a sneak peek of Think Like a Man.

    Although not much has been reported about Steve Harvey appearing in the film, he does pop up in the clip below to explain an important concept.


    Royce gets romantic

    While the other ladies were having a girls’ night discussing men and relationships, Royce Reed was enjoying date night with her boo Dezmon.

    While chowing down on delicious eats and sipping some cocktails, the topic of marriage came up. Royce hinted that they had discussed it before, but it never seemed like a concrete possibility. Since he was talking about it during a surprise date, though, Royce took it a little more seriously and told him her ring size!

    She also had a little surprise of her own for him.

    Hopefully, they went home before having dessert.


    What did the five fingers say to the face?


    Sh*t got real when the ladies of  "Basketball Wives" when they went to watch a horse race. As many altercations do, this fight started while the cast grabbed a bite to eat in a luxury suite at the track.

    The women weren’t seated too long before Nia wanted to know why Jen has changed towards her and where her house keys were.

    Jen was very nonchalant in dismissing her, though. That’s when Nia threatened to slap her. No one took it too seriously until Evelyn’s assistant came around the table for the bougiest basketball wife. Tami Roman tried to run interference when Nia got up, but it was too late.

    Nia slapped Jen in the face. Tami was, however, able to keep Jen from clocking her attacker. But the battle wasn’t over yet because Evelyn literally came across the table for her former BFF.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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