Judge orders jail time for sagging pants

    One Alabama judge had a man locked up for letting his pants sag while in court.

    When the bailiff says, "All rise," he’s talking about your pants, too!

    The Associated Press reports that a judge in Alabama sentenced LaMarcus D. Ramsey to three days in jail for contempt of court. The offense? Wearing sagging pants.

    LaMarcus was in court to respond to charges that he had received stolen property.  But Judge John Bush had another bone to pick: during the court proceedings, he told LaMarcus that his pants were hanging too low and immediately sent him to lockup.

    For the judge, wearing sagging pants shows a lack of respect for the court and the law. "To me it’s not any different than if someone stood up in court and started cussing everybody out," he explained. "It’s disrespectful conduct and I think as judges we’re expected to at least have some degree of control and respect for the courtroom the people have given us charge of."

    The judge advised LaMarcus to buy a belt or pants that fit, when he gets out of jail.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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