Romany Malco learned from ‘Think’

    Romany Malco didn’t just act in Think Like a Man, he read Steve Harvey’s book and learned a lot from it.

    While he admits that past abandonment issues caused him to spoil women he dated, the advice Steve offered persuaded him to change his ways.

    “When I dated, I would overcompensate. I’d spoil the girl. I’d do uber-nice things. I would start off with the honeymoon and work up from there,” he said. “The book gave me permission to be a man.”

    For women who like being spoiled, that may seem like a cop out, but Romany explained that he still knows how to treat a lady. It’s just that he takes his time before reaching that level now. That frees him to be himself and not just play the Romeo part.

    “What I feel is right in line with what men do,” said Romany, who explained that he used to ignore those instincts. “Since I’ve been doing [what I feel], it’s much more authentic. It’s easier for women to understand me. Now, I get to the point of spoiling a woman in a more authentic way. We work our way up to it. It’s much easier.”
    Although Romany learned from the book, he acknowledged that Steve oversimplified a few things.

    “I really thought the book made some real poignant points. I believe it was a fairly black and white book and I believe there’s a lot of gray area that’s not covered,” said Romany, but he understands why Steve didn’t delve more into what really makes romantic relationships work. “No one wants to read a 900-page book,” he said.


    Romany talks about touring the nation to visit his social media fans in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    See photos of Romany, Lenny Kravitz, Morris Chestnut and other men who are 40-something and fine.


    —Tracy L. Scott


    Did you read Steve’s Think Like a Man? If so, did it reveal any helpful relationship advice for you? Leave your comments below.


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