Nia Crooks explains Jennifer Williams beef

    Jennifer Williams’ slapper, Nia Crooks, explained why she felt the need to lash out at her former friend on “Basketball Wives.”

    Nia set the record straight on her truths about Jennifer and denied that she had premeditated plans to lay hands on the season’s object of contempt.
    “Hell no, I did not go on television to slap Jen,” Nia told “Baller Alert.”

    “I knew I was gonna address Jen, but me asking her what happened between her and I and her reaction to me, took me by surprise,” she said.

    According to Nia, the two began a friendship in 2005 after meeting at Evelyn Lozada’s 30th birthday party. Nia stayed loyal and close with Jennifer, especially when problems arose with Jen’s ex-husband Eric Williams. During that period of time, the two were so tight that Nia allowed Jennifer to keep a set of keys to access her apartment as she pleased.

    “If your accounts are frozen, and your husband has taken over everything, and you walk around living this lavish life, and you still want people to think you’re rolling in dough, by all means a front is put up,” said Nia about Jen staying at her apartment during the harder times.

    Jennifer has been known as the bougie cast member on “Basketball Wives,” however, Nia about comments Jen made apparently disparaging those who live in two-bedroom. “It’s not like she paid for anything or helped me out… Either we split dinner bills or drink bills or someone that I introduced her to took care of bills,” Nia said.

    Evelyn’s assistant, who said the cameras left out some “key” points, wished the cameras showed more of Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday bash so viewers could understand more of the background story. Apparently, Evelyn gave another speech at the dinner and spoke mainly towards Jen, pointing out that “Nia used to be ‘your girl,’ but now you want nothing to do with her.”

    “Jennifer looked me in my face and turned her head after I had just spoken to her and kissed her when I entered Phillipe’s,” said Nia about that night.
    Of course the editing only showed a few minutes of the greeting, but Nia wants people to know that Jennifer had plenty of time to get up and walk away.
    Nia has accepted the way she was portrayed in the episode. She is receiving a lot of negativity for stirring up drama on the show, but she believes she stayed true to herself.

    Nia confirmed reports that after the incident, Jennifer did attempt to sue her.

    “Jen is killing all these trees with all these paper trails. She filed a police report after I slapped her but it didn’t go anywhere to my knowledge. I also filed one for my protection,” she said.


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    —Gianna Banner


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