Queen Latifah teases ‘Steel Magnolias’

    Queen Latifah is taking some notes from Phylicia Rashad on the set of the Steel Magnolias remake.

    Lifetime is rolling along with its all-Black remake of the classic tearjerker, which has been rounded out with quite an impressive cast. The roster includes a mother-daughter act as Phylicia’s babygirl Condola Rashad takes on the role of Shelby.

    Art won’t imitate life, though, as Latifah is playing Shelby’s mom onscreen. Ever the savvy actress, she’s hitting up Phylicia every chance she gets for some source material on how to relate to Condola on a maternal level.

    "I get to go straight to her real mom and find out a couple special things about their relationship that I think have been able to connect us," Latifah told "Entertainment Tonight", explaining that she thinks she’ll be able to use the info to improve her onscreen relationship with Condola. "I’m actually getting the hookup. I got a freebie having her here!"

    But Latifah has got to prepare for a little separation anxiety when Shelby’s character passes away. The emotional scene is made all the more daunting by the memory of Sally Fields’ funeral breakdown. How does Latifah think she’ll tackle it?

    "Really, I’m just tuned up to make it very special in a Queen Latifah way," she said. "Sally Field is the best Sally Field there is on the planet Earth, I’m sorry. There’s no one that [is] going to create that scene exactly the way she did it. It’s impeccable."

    Latifah added, "I’m just trying to embrace it and relate it my way."

    Phylicia didn’t have too many notes for Latifah as the veteran actress thinks she takes to mommy roles pretty naturally.

    "Queen Latifah is quite maternal, and she’s a very warm human being. I just told her one little thing that Condola and I have done with each other since she was very young," Phylicia said.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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