Black nurse kills White mom and takes baby

    In a case that stunned the nation this week, Texas nurse Verna McClain, 30, stands accused of killing a mother Tuesday then abducting her infant son in an effort to pass it off as her own.

    Verna was trying to hide a miscarriage from her fiancé, police announced in a press conference Wednesday.

    But there is another twist. Verna is Black, and both the mother, 28-year-old Kala Marie Golden, and her infant son are White. No word on how Verna, whose fiancé is also Black, was planning to pass the baby off as her own.

    Verna is now charged with murder for shooting Kala multiple times outside of a Spring, Texas clinic where her 3-day-old son, Keegan Schuchardt, had just had an appointment. The baby boy was found Tuesday evening unharmed at the home of Verna’s parents. He was returned to family members Wednesday.

    Verna, who has three children with her estranged husband, had told her fiancé she had recently given birth. The two were supposed to get married next month, she told police. After interviewing the fiancé, police don’t believe he ever met the baby.

    During Verna’s court appearance Wednesday, she was charged and is currently being held in prison without bail.

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    —Hortense Barber


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