Daily Buzz 4.19.12: Octavia Spencer lands new role

    Octavia Spencer lands next movie gig

    Oscar winner Octavia Spencer nearly has her next important role locked up. WhoGotTheRole.com reports that she’ll be starring in Fruitvale.

    Fruitvale, an independent film produced by Forest Whitaker, will be based on the story of a 22-year-old Black man who was gunned down by police before a train full of witnesses on New Year’s Day 2009 in California’s Bay Area. Although the shooting was caught on tape by several people, the offending officer was found not guilty. The verdict caused a riot.

    It’s not clear what role Octavia would be playing if a deal for Fruitvale is finalized, but  Michael B. Jordan is being considered for the role of the shooting victim.

    For more on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) shooting, you can play the video below, but viewer discretion is advised.

    Beyoncé’s got class

    It looks like Beyoncé is getting back into the books! The "Love on Top" diva was spotted stopping by an adult education center in midtown Manhattan this morning.

    And it looks like she was ready for class as she exited her vehicle, which had Blue Ivy’s car seat strapped in, with her binder in hand! Check her out as she enters the W. 35th Street Alternative Education Complex.


    New R.Kelly video

    R.Kelly has something to tide you over until more episodes of "Trapped in the Closet" come out. The Pied Piper of R&B has just dropped a video for "Share My Love."

    Kells, who is giving some Barry White vibes on this track, is enjoying a night out with two lovely ladies in the clip. And the girls don’t seem to mind sharing him!



    Jennifer Hudson’s sister divorces alleged killer

    Three years after he allegedly killed her family, Julia Hudson is finally divorced from William Balfour. WLS-TV reports that Julia, Jennifer Hudson’s sister, had a relatively simple divorce from William that was finalized in December.

    According to court documents, Julia cited "extreme mental cruelty" as the reason for the split. What she didn’t mention is that he allegedly murdered her mother, brother and son in December of 2008.

    William is not contesting the split and stated in a letter, "I have no legal representation nor assistance on this matter."


    DMX breaks down on VH1

    Thugs need love too!  DMX was reduced to tears on the latest episode of "Couples Therapy" when talking about his mother.

    The rapper broke down while talking about the strained relationship he had with his mother, when he confessed that she didn’t show him much affection growing up.

    "No and she had not once ever told me that she loved me," DMX said before bursting into tears. "You know what I think a lot of people lose sight of the fact that no matter how strong you are as a man, no matter how tough you are, we all need to be somebody’s baby.




    —Sonya Eskridge

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