Royce Reed speaks on sexting drama

    Royce Reed is opening up about how she feels now that her beau has admitted to sexting his babymama.

    Yesterday, Dezmon Briscoe’s ex-girlfriend Christina Nero posted a number of freaky text messages he’d sent her as recently as last month. The tweets came just after one of Royce and Dezmon’s more romantic dates, where they discussed marriage and ring shopping, was broadcast on "Basketball Wives." It sparked an online beef between Christina and Royce, in which Royce accused his babymama of faking messages from the NFL player.

    Instead of denying that the sexy texts came from him, Dezmon confessed that Christina was telling the truth. He came clean about the exchanges via Twitter.

    “Baby mama wanna be messy so I’ll clean it up. I sent the messages she posted …To be on her good side because she has my son," he tweeted, adding that it was a poorly thought out effort to remain in her good graces. “I could of handled the situation better. I’m still wrong and I wanna apologize to @Roycelr because she don’t deserve that. Love you.”

    So how’s Royce feeling now that he’s come clean? "I’m not going to put on a front like I’m okay. My heart hurts," she wrote in a blog, adding that this could mean a split for her and Dez. "Yes, I’m embarrassed, humiliated and broken. But I’m strong. Regardless of what happens I will be okay. Do I love him? Yes. Is that enough to stay? At this point, no."

    Royce regrets getting sucked into an argument online because it was an "immature" move on her part. She said, however, that she reacted in good faith because Dezmon originally told her that Christina was lying in an effort to protect their relationship.

    "Do I think Dezmon loves me? Yes! Do I think what he did was wrong? Absolutely. Are we done…forever? Honestly, I don’t know," said Royce who hasn’t made up her mind about the fate of her status with Dez. "Readers can say I’m dumb if I go back, but with relationships come mistakes. I was lied to and lesson learned…I entertained it on Twitter."

    But as bad as she feels right now, Royce revealed that she actually pities Christina because she looks the worst in this situation. "I look like a fool in love, but she looks like a bitter, jealous and angry ‘Baby Momma.’ That’s worse. Fact is, they were never an item. They were never a couple," Royce wrote before taking a shot at the other woman. "I can’t imagine having a child by someone who never claimed me or never had me front and center at some point."

    Making things even more heartbreaking is that fact that Royce and Dez may have been engaged when all the online drama broke!  Last night, Kenya Bell tweeted that despite whatever Christina had to say or post, Royce and Dezmon were getting married. It’s a tidbit that Kenya wasn’t supposed to let slip, but she got carried away while sticking up for Royce.

    "Oopsie!!! Lol Well Congrats! :-) One for the haters!" Kenya tweeted.

    Royce didn’t seem too bothered by the leak, tweeting, "thx Kenya but I think u just let the cat out the bag lol."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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