Fantasia returns to Twitter after hiatus

    After a months-long hiatus, Fantasia Barrino returned to Twitter yesterday to make a few announcements and get a few things off her chest.

    “I felt such a void & a disconnect from the social media & my true fans that I thought long & hard about this come back,” she wrote. “I’ve NEVER had a Facebook acct. & this is the only Twitter acct. I’ve ever had so I made my come back personal for my twit family.”

    Fantasia didn’t address rumors that her babydaddy Antwaun Cook wanted to reconcile with his wife, but she did mention her children.

    “As you know I gave birth on December 13th to my son Dallas Xavier Barrino who is now 4months old. Zion is now 10yrs old & she is such a wonderful big sister & is so happy to have a little brother,” she said.

    Her personal life wasn’t all Fantasia had to tweet about. She informed fans that new music is on the way. Fans might remember that photos of Fantasia and music producer Kandi Burruss in the studio together recently hit the Internet.

    “I am currently working on my next CD guys & I am overwhelmed by what I have accomplished thus far,” she wrote. “I’ve got some great songs that I think you guys will love its different but it is FANTASIA.”

    Fanny’s Twitter timeline read like a year-in-review, and she decided to address an incident earlier this year when she followed a performance by R.Kelly. The “Honey Love” singer didn’t spend much time onstage entertaining fans, and Fantasia publicly commented that she was going to give the audience its money’s worth.

    Some media outlets interpreted her words as an attack on R.Kelly, but Fantasia cleared things up.

    “I promise it was innocent i was just energized & ready to rock,” she wrote.

    “[T]he show was delayed about 90 minutes. R.Kelly WHO I HAVE GREAT RESPECT FOR was sick and later hospitalized that night. I am such an R.Kelly fan I love his style his music his character & I went with my fist pumped waiting for 12 play…lol,” she began, explaining that she was told Kells was going to perform at least six songs.

    “he was NEVER booked to perform,” Fantasia later discovered. She admits that she was disappointed that he didn’t sing more songs, but after learning it was an impromptu set, she realized “that was an honor for what he did do.”

    “With all that said I want to say that I LOVE R KELLY & I apologize for those choice of words You are such a man of power & wisdom.”

    Although Fantasia’s comments were overwhelmingly positive, she did seem disappointed that she would not be performing in Kingston, Jamaica soon.

    “My heart is heavy right now but I’m believing in God that things will work out in their favor….big ups to my Kingston family.”


    See exclusive S2S photos from Fantasia’s baby shower.

    —Tracy L. Scott


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