Kevin Hart loves Black women

    Don’t worry, Black women. Kevin Hart still loves you contrary to whatever you may have seen on his Facebook page.

    A couple of weeks ago Kevin got into some trouble for putting up a cartoon about certain types of Black women (Let’s call them ratchet.) turning down a good Black man. In the same comic strip, the women got mad when he walked off with a White woman.

    Let’s just say that didn’t go over too well with his female fans. When he stopped by Power 105.1’s "The Breakfast Club" to promote Think Like a Man, the DJs had to ask him about it.

    "I didn’t even put it up," Kevin told them, revealing that one of his employees was behind the misguided joke. "I got in trouble for stuff I didn’t even do. It was an intern that works at my company, so he puts my calendar on my page. In his eyes, he thought he was being funny. It was something for people to laugh at."

    Apparently, Kevin’s fans didn’t get the joke, and the comedian had to do some damage control. "I saw it, like, two days later and I see a lot of negative flack from it, so I had to fire him and let him go," he explained.

    Charlamagne pointed out that people shouldn’t take anything Kevin does too seriously since he’s a comedian. The funnyman doesn’t think that’s an excuse because he knows that certain topics are just off limits among his fanbase.

    "I know what they’re on me about now," Kevin explained. "From, like, when I said the thing about the dark-skinned chicks a long time ago, I learned my lesson from  playing around."

    He added, "I know the line that I can’t cross."

    Of course he had to mention a little something about Think Like a Man, which he says is his best movie to date. "This is my first pound-for-pound good movie, " he said. "This is the first solid movie that I’ve done. You can’t say anything negative about this movie. I’ve seen it. This movie is good from start to finish," said Kevin who doesn’t see it just a Black film.

    "The one thing that I like about it is that it’s a universal film.  Yeah, you got a Black cast and they stereotypically put the Black movie thing on you,  but it’s not a Black movie. It’s a good movie."


    See what he’s got to say about his co-star Michael Ealy allegedly wearing colored contacts in the video below!


    Check out stills from the movie below! 



    —Sonya Eskridge





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