Michael Ealy originally eyed Terrence J’s role in ‘Think Like a Man’

    Michael Ealy considered playing the mama’s boy in Think Like a Man but opted instead for dreamy chef Dominic.

    Michael Ealy was torn after reading the Think Like a Man script. He couldn’t decide which part to play!
    He admitted that he was drawn to the role of Michael, the mama’s boy who falls hard for a single mom—and her son. Instead the actor chose Dominic, the chef with his eyes set on a high-powered businesswoman (played by Taraji Henson).
”You know what I like about what Dominic does is that he takes control of his situation,” Michael said. “After he gets dumped, I think that’s his wake-up call to start taking control of your life. In every facet of your life, take control. And that’s where he finally learns to execute his dreams. You can either get down with that or not, and yeah, I liked the way he handled himself.”
    It seems he could have also played Zeke (played by Romany Malco) or Jeremy (played by Jerry Ferrara) because he can also relate to them and their dilemmas.  
”I’ve been there or am there, one or the other,” he laughed. “It’s actually kind of funny to me … [Michael, Zeke and Jeremy] all represent three phases in my life.”
Which phase is he in now, though? “I’m probably in the noncommittal phase,” he laughed.
    The characters in Think Like a Man engage in a battle of the sexes that audiences will no doubt be able to relate to. Eventually they come together, but why even go through the games?
    “I think men and women are doing something that has been happening for years,” Michael said. “I may not be completely who I am right now with you. You may not be completely who you are with me right now. That’s what you do now when you first meet somebody, and that’s what creates the battle of the sexes; that’s what creates the mind games. I don’t think dating has necessarily changed except some of the chivalry is gone. Some of the courtship is gone. I think both women and men are responsible for that decline.”
    Still, Michael understands the desire to make yourself look as attractive as possible to any prospective suitors. “That’s what mating is. You’re brightening up your feathers like a bird and trying to attract the opposite sex, and you’re not showing some of the darker sides,” he mused. “I can’t really say anybody is doing anything wrong. I think they’re doing what’s natural.”
    That said, he believes there is a best approach to getting the type of relationship you want.
    “It’s all about being yourself, I think,” Michael said. “I think what the movie does right is show you these people that don’t wanna quite be themselves up front, and then through the battle of the mind games they eventually let down their guards, and the next thing you know there’s a true connection.”
Michael believes Think Like a Man will start an honest conversation between men and women because the movie touches on some important, universal concerns.
”I’ve always prided myself on trying to have roles with impact. And not only do I have a role with impact I think this whole film has an impact,” he said. “I think that it’s the kind of film that will stand the test of time. I think people will be watching this 10 years from now like they do Barbershop. And that’s okay with me!”
    Think Like a Man is in theaters today.

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