Kesha speaks on Royce’s relationship

    Despite her beau sending inappropriate text messages to his ex, Royce Reed hasn’t kicked Dezmon Briscoe to the curb, at least not yet.

    “They’re working on it, talking about it at the moment,” Kesha Nichols told S2S. “She’s going through it, but she’ll be fine."

    Kesha and Royce became friends during season 4 of “Basketball Wives." While it seems many of the relationships on the show have suffered recently, Kesha and Royce are still close.

    "I have a great relationship with Royce. I think we’ll be friends long after this is over," she said.

    The two dancers have a lot in common, but Kesha said she wouldn’t follow Royce’s lead and ever introduce viewers to her real-life love interest.

    “I don’t have any interest in having my relationship being in the public eye. As reality personalities, we do have the right to keep some of our lives private. I want to keep that close to my heart and not have anyone else’s opinion on it,” she said.

    Royce has been sharing her romantic relationships with viewers for several seasons of “Basketball Wives.” However, her relationship with Dezmon seemed the most promising. The two even discussed engagement rings on a recent episode.

    Kesha said that’s when the haters usually pop out.

    “As soon as you see Royce with an awesome scene, people want to ruin that,” Kesha said. “People want to tear you down.”

    Kesha does have a boyfriend, but “he will not ever be on the show,” she said.

    As for Royce, Kesha didn’t share her personal opinion on whether her friend should stay with Dezmon or just move on.

    “I think they both just need some time and people out of their business, so they can really focus on what’s important,” she said.


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    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think reality stars would be better off if they kept their romantic relationships private? If they did, would you still watch? Leave your comments below.

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