Trina Braxton files for divorce

    Trina Braxton is moving ahead with plans to leave her husband, Gabe Solis.

    True to her word on the season 2 reunion of "Braxton Family Values," Trina is divorcing Gabe, but they haven’t completely gone their separate ways. Since the split isn’t official yet, she’s standing by him on his road to recovery from sex addiction.

    "As far as the status of Gabe and I, I have filed for divorce. However, we are being very adult about it," Trina told "We are talking, we are still raising the children together and we are still praying about his sex addiction therapy that he’s going to a counselor for."

    Faith has played a big part in Gabe overcoming that particular demon in his life. But Trina shared that keeping the general public out of their relationship has been key as well. The entire country saw their marriage break down on "Braxton Family Values," and the "Party or Go Home" singer has learned from that.

    "We’re doing a lot of praying and a lot of keeping outside influences away from our decision making," Trina shared. "I think that’s one of the biggest mistakes we’ve made through the seasons of ‘Braxton Family Values.’"

    With one relationship wrapping up, many wonder when Trina will jump back into the dating game. The reality star said romance is really on hold for a while so she can focus on her music during the divorce.

    “Well the ink isn’t dry yet, so right now I’m concentrating on my career and of course my children," Trina explained, adding that there is one very important requirement for any man that intends to compete for her heart. "However when I do look for a man he has to be a God-fearing man but also has to have balance with it. Please don’t hit me upside the head with a bible and try to beat me to submission ’cause that’s not hot."

    That said, Trina wants a man that’s okay with her more secular side which might include sipping on a few cocktails. And he’s got to be able to be comfortable with her past. Getting along with her kids is a must as well!

    "I still like to enjoy myself and enjoy my life and have a nice drink or go out. I still like to curse. I like to say ‘$h!t’ sometimes," said Trina. "I also want someone who will appreciate the fact that I have baggage. I have 2 children and we come together. We’re a package deal so if you can’t deal with that, then there is no need in even talking to me.”


    The sisters aren’t the only ones with drama. Does Gabe get along with his brother-in-law Vincent Herbert? He speaks on it in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.


    —Sonya Eskridge




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