‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 4.24.12

    The cast of "Basketball Wives" had a pretty good laugh about Jennifer Williams’ fight with Nia Crooks.

    Evelyn makes three

    You thought they were done scrapping at the racetrack when VH1 rolled credits on "Basketball Wives" last week?

    No, boo boo.

    Producers, as they usually do, decided to spread the drama out over two episodes. On Monday’s show, Evelyn Lozada had tunnel vision when it came to getting her hands on Jen.

    "All I saw was Jennifer as my target and me trying to rip her f*cking head off," Evelyn said. It’s a good thing that security was onhand because the livid Latina charged her ex-BFF a couple of times.

    What set Evelyn off so bad? Apparently, she didn’t like that Jen basically calling Nia Crooks a bum b*tch from Harlem.

    So let us get this straight: It’s cool for Nia to smack somebody in the face, but Jen using her words to retaliate is a problem? You learn something new every day!

    Fights are hilarious

    Like any good boxing match, there was commentary about the fight after the fact. Tami Roman took Evelyn out for a walk to see how she was feeling about what happened between Nia and Jen, and somehow they wound up dancing in the street!

    Were they auditioning for "Dancing With the Stars"?!

    After the pair was done getting its Cha Cha on, Tami revealed that she had a little keepsake from the fight: one of Jen’s earrings. She held onto it in case Jen wanted the blinged-out bauble back.

    Not to be outdone, Evelyn didn’t come away from the fight with out a souvenir of her own. During the process of leaping over a dining table, Evelyn bruised her knee!

    Evelyn and Tami may have had a pretty good laugh about the altercation, but Tami decided it would be best for her to avoid trouble next time Evelyn and Jen meet up.

    "If anything goes down, Kesha [Nichols] is in the wind," Tami said. "I might just hook up with her."


    Hooray for marketing

    After a sufficient amount of drama, it was time for a little product placement! So Evelyn shot the cover of her upcoming book The Inner Circle. Although it’s based on the personal diaries that she kept while dating her former fiancé, she insists that "it’s not a tell-all."

    We’re not sure what the difference would be, but readers will find out when The Inner Circle is released.

    Color us surprised that the topic of Jen and Nia’s fight came up again! Nia, Evelyn and Tami basically feel like Jen is kind of wimp for taking her beef to the courts.

    "Where I come from, you take your ass-whippin and you keep it movin’," said Tami who read the police report.


    Three drink maximum

    Despite their recent relationship drama, things with Royce Reed and Dezmon Briscoe have been getting serious on "Basketball Wives."

    With talk of marriage and being well received by her family, Royce felt it was time to introduce him to her cast mates.

    But Royce wanted to make sure that Suzie Ketcham was sober enough to make a good impression and remember all the good times.


    Happy birthday, Evelyn!

    Monday’s show wasn’t all fights and slap fallouts for Evelyn, who had reason to celebrate!

    Evelyn turned 36 in style with her girls and Noe by her side. While Chad Ochocino wasn’t there to help her blowout her candles, he did send her a very nice surprise!


    —Sonya Eskridge

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