Brain-dead woman delivers twins

    A brain dead woman is a new mom after giving birth to twin boys last week.

    The Associated Press reports that 26-year-old Christine Bolden, who had suffered two brain aneurysms, delivered two sons by C-section earlier this month in what one family member is calling "a miracle."

    According to Wood TV 8, Christine was declared brain dead weeks ago after collapsing from a sudden bout of intense pain on March 6. She was rushed to Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and doctors told her family that the aneurysms in her brain, which had been there since birth, had burst.

    A hospital rep said that Christine’s family asked doctors to do everything they could to save the babies that she was carrying. "It wasn’t that difficult a call," said Spectrum Health spokesman Bruce Rossman said. "It required a lot of evaluations and discussions among our staff. They had to at least get to 24 weeks before we could consider delivery.

    Christine’s grandmother Donetta Bolden told Wood TV that the family knew it was time to save the babies when Christine’s blood pressure got too high last Friday. Christine’s aunt said it was a hard decision for the family to make "knowing that once the babies were born that was the end of her."
    The boys named Alexander and Nicholas were born after just 25 weeks by C-section in a rare procedure. They entered world weighing less than two pounds were attached to ventilators.

    Christine passed after delivering the twins, but her family is trying to see the positive side of this heart-wrenching situation. "God, He could have took her and the boys," said Danielle. "But He left the boys. That’s a miracle."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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