‘Ev and Ocho’ being boycotted

    More than a few VH1 viewers won’t tune in when "Ev and Ocho" debuts because they’re so turned off by Evelyn Lozada’s behavior.

    The cast of "Basketball Wives" aren’t the only ones who can boycott. After months of violent incidents and altercations on the show, some people are over all the drama.

    A Change.org user named Alexis M has started a petition, prompting people not to watch upcoming spin-off with Chad Ochocinco titled "Ev and Ocho." 

    "Evelyn Lozada is a bully. The violence on ‘Basketball Wives’ is horrible and disgraceful," Alexis wrote in the petition, clarifying that despite the wording this is not an unwarranted. "This is not a hate petition against Eveyln Lozada. We simply will not support violence. It hurts to see violence amongst women on television for entertainment purposes. It is not ok for women to hit each other on TV."

    So far this season, viewers have seen Evelyn get into a shouting match with her former BFF Jennifer Williams on the season 4 premiere. Three episodes later, another verbal altercation turned physical when she smacked Jen in the head with a clutch purse while attending Shaunie O’Neal’s birthday party at Phillipe Chow.

    Jen hasn’t been Evelyn’s only target, however, as she was also seen throwing a wine bottle at castmate Kenya Bell for supposedly calling her "loose."

    Most recently, Evelyn jumped across the table at Jennifer during the April 16 episode of "Basketball Wives." Although Evelyn’s assistant Nia Crooks slapped Jen, Evelyn became enraged when Jen commented on Nia’s social status and finances after the attack.

    All the violence has become a bit too much for some viewers, and many are placing blame for the volatile atmosphere squarely on Evelyn’s shoulders. In light of that, potential watchers are going public with their pledge to take their eyeballs elsewhere. Now they’re trying to rally more support for the movement.

    So far the petition has gotten 691 signatures and Alexis is urging people to reach out to VH1 to get the show shutdown before it airs. Beyond that, the user wants supporters to contact VH1’s parent company Viacom to express their distaste for Evelyn’s behavior.

    While boycotters are encouraged to go to the network, a number of people have also left some comments with their digital signatures.

    Melissa Brunson feels that Evelyn is the ultimate example of a non-muthaf*ckin factor. "I don’t think people should be rewarded for acting a d@#n fool [and] thinking it’s cute," she explained. "She has no talent and is doing far too much with way too little."

    Carolyn Martin questioned Chad’s judgment in finding a wife given Evelyn’s behavior. "[Ocho] has young children, and this woman has thrown glasses, bottles and ran across a table like she’s a part of a wild animal park," Carolyn pointed out. "Will she put on her fake smile and act the proper stepmom? Too late, she’s already shown her true colors and they are ugly. She deserves no show."

    Tovia Douglass said she’s "had enough of seeing [Evelyn] on TV," while Monica Ways feels that, "We must communicate to the media that this is not the image we want to see." Hanney Musawa believes that there have "got to be consequences for Evelyn Lozada’s [behavior]."

    Meanwhile, Annaick Grant had a few unflattering labels for the "Basketball Wives" firecracker. "Evelyn is an embarrassment to women and she has no morals," Annaick wrote. "She’s a bully and attacks people who are afraid of her. If VH1 supports her i can no longer support VH1. She is a low class, gold digging bully."

    Shelly Hailin, who admittedly never planned to watch "Ev and Ocho" in the first place, thinks this boycott is nothing more than karma for the reality TV star. "I find it strange Evelyn is boycotting Jennifer Williams for doing the right thing," Shelly stated. "I’m happy she’s being boycotted for doing the wrong thing."

    Lucy Gonzales feels that Evelyn is making her whole race of women look bad, stating, "She is a shame for the Latinas, and she is a bully." Lucy also accuses Evelyn of taking out her alleged relationship problems with Chad out on Jennifer.

    LoLisa Miller took a step farther by asserting her belief that "Basketball Wives" has damaged all women of color. She wants the franchise off the air entirely. "Abuse is not ok, and should not be tolerated. This show has diminished the worth of minority woman for far too long [and] needs to be cancelled," said LoLisa, who expects that Evelyn will be locked up. "Evelyn Lozada should be arrested for all of the bullying & abuse that she has posed againt numerous individuals on the show."

    Turning her focus to the show’s production staff, she added, "Shaunie should be fired as exec producer because if this is what she promotes clearly she is not mature enough to handle such a role."

    Gwyn Price agreed with LoLisa in that she doesn’t solely blame Evelyn for all the fights on the show. She thinks Shaunie has a huge hand in the out-of-control drama. "I honestly think Evelyn was pushed and encouraged to act so disgracefully by Shaunie and the producers to get ratings," Gwyn said. "Hopefully they will get the message that fans want more quality; and shows with just mindless trash, violence, and vulgarity wont be supported—unless its pro-wrestling." 

    But Gwyn’s not letting Evelyn completely off the hook either, continuing, "This season of B-wives was so bad that I will make it a point to avoid anything with Evil-lyn Lozada in it."

    Asia Montague co-signed that sentiment. "’Basketball Wives’ took it way too far," she said. "My group of friends and I have now refused to watch the show anymore. Its no longer entertaining. Evelyn is absolutely awful."

    Dominique Britton questions why Evelyn and Chad are even getting a show based on their wedding since she doesn’t think it will happen. "She’s a bully and I don’t believe they are going to get married," stated Dominique, who feels that VH1’s time could best be spent developing other shows. "It’s a waste of time."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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