Gabe Solis ‘hurt’ by cheating

    Gabe Solis was just as upset about his infidelity as his wife Trina Braxton was.

    Gabe told us in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister that the last time Trina found out about him having cyber sex, he felt cheated, too.

    "I was hurt," he said. "I wanted to punch myself in the face, but I couldn’t. Things were just starting to work out."

    Gabe has said on "Braxton Family Values" that he thought messing around with other women on the Internet was just something men do. He doesn’t want to use that idea to excuse his numerous online affairs, though.

    "I thought every guy was unhappy in their marriage, and I’m not blaming it on that for the reason why I did it," Gabe told us. "Because Trina was unhappy, too, and she wasn’t out doing it to the degree as I was."

    Like many famous men who have been caught with their pants down, Gabe has announced that he’s dealing with sex addiction. While many dismiss the affliction as a cheap cover-up, Gabe insists he was not even aware that he had a problem until he sat down with a male therapist that Dr. Sherry referred him to.

    "Braxton Family Values" viewers know that he has spent a lot of time in therapy, and he thinks more couples should sit down and seek professional help before (and after) taking the big plunge.

    "I think everybody has trouble in their marriage," Gabe stated. "I honestly feel like before you even get married it should be a requirement to go through therapy to see if you are compatible."

    Find out how Gabe is feeling about Trina these days when you pick up the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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