‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: 4.25.12

    Tuesday night brought a tragic but not entirely unforseen elimination on "Dancing With the Stars."

    Not Miss Gladys!!! Whyyy?

    It was hard to see Sherri Shepherd leave the competition a coupe of weeks ago, but we just knew that Miss Gladys was going to stick around until the final five.

    She has personality, she can move…and she brought the house down on the season premiere. And with this week’s "DWTS" featuring the music of Motown, we were confident that Gladys was going nowhere. There may have been a few missteps, but her hip action was on point!

    Also, it’s Gladys! The Empress of Soul! You knew she was going to own it!


    Gladys, who came in at the bottom of the leader board this week, was joined in the bottom two by Roshon Fegan. It was his second time at imminent risk of elimination, and this hadn’t been his best week, either.

    The judges reamed him on technique.


    Ok…we’re just gonna say it: We blame at least part of the results on the type of dance and song selection. There were plenty of other higher-energy songs that Gladys and Roshon could have danced to, and we don’t think the Rumba really works with Motown music. It’s not lost on us that both of them danced the Rumba on Monday night.

    When it came down to the dance-off, we knew that Roshon was probably going to take it. They can both move very well, but Roshon has the advantage of youth and experience as a professional hip-hop dancer.


    Motown week proved to be Gladys’ swan song on  "Dancing With the Stars," but thankfully three of our faves still remain: Roshon, Donald Driver and Jaleel White. We’re really glad to be able to say that Jaleel had an amazing week, and we loved his partner’s costume!





    —Sonya Eskridge


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