Teen dies trying to save mom from ex

    It’s been said that there’s no greater love than to give up your life for another, and that’s what teenager Derwin Watts ultimately did as he tried to save his mother.

    Derwin (pictured) was gunned down early Sunday morning as he tried to protect his mom, Tanisha Watts, from her ex-boyfriend, she told authorities. Her current boyfriend, 40-year-old Michael Temple, was also fatally wounded by the ex.

    Derwin, a 19-year-old honor student from Chesapeake, VA, was among the people held hostage in his mother’s apartment by her ex-boyfriend, Charles Collins, 44.

    Tanisha told local news station WAVY News 10 that it all started when Charles called to express his unhappiness over her new relationship.

    Unbeknownst to Tanisha, her ex, who still had a key to her place, then came over, blocked the front door with furniture, and shot her boyfriend as he was walking to the bathroom. 

    As members of the SWAT team gathered outside of the building, Tanisha said she pretended to faint in an effort to throw off her captor. When he ran to get water to splash on her face, Tanisha ran toward the door and tried to escape. Charles pursued her, but was tackled by Derwin, who was then shot. Derwin died at the hospital later.

    "My baby died because he was trying to stop Charles from shooting me,” Tanisha told the station.

    Police charged Charles with two counts of first degree murder, multiple counts of abduction and firearms charges, WAVY reports.

    Watch the news report below.

    —Hortense Barber


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