Confirmed: Chrissy Lampkin leaving ‘Love & Hip Hop’

    Nancy Jones has confirmed that Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones will not return to "Love & Hip Hop."

    Nancy (aka Mama Jones) revealed that her family has walked away from the reality series to work on other shows. Jim and Chrissy will be getting their own series and Nancy is working on a reality show titled "Mama’s House."

    From the sound of it Jim and Chrissy’s show hasn’t found a home yet, but it could be on VH1.

    "We definitely are giving them the first one—the first bid," Nancy told Coast 97.3, but she couldn’t say whether fans would see the couple planning their nuptials on the prospective spin-off. "I don’t know about their wedding yet. We’re jumping the gun on that one, but I do know they are going to have a show."

    And Mama Jones revealed that the title may not be "Jim and the Family Jones" as previously reported. Nancy let it slip, "I thought it’s gonna be called ‘Jim & Chrissy.’" 

    Although she expects to make at least a few appearances on the show, Nancy is focusing on a series of her own. She was vague about a premiere, but she said "Mama’s House" will debut "probably October, November sometime around where Jim and Chrissy start their show."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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