Denise Vasi introduces ‘Single Ladies’ character

    Denise Vasi said her “Single Ladies” character starts the season off with a bang.

    “I play Raquel Lancaster, a smart, savvy businesswoman. Raquel, when you first meet her, she’s going to go through something that propels her into this life-changing journey. She goes through something that drops in her life like a bomb, and she spends the rest of the season figuring out what she wants,” Denise told Sister 2 Sister.

    Denise didn’t go into detail about what life-changing event stirs up drama in Raquel’s life, but she hinted that her character has lots of shoulders to lean on.

    When asked about her romantic interest on the show, she responded, “Which one? I got a few. Y’all better get ready,” she laughed.

    “Raquel is going to go through this change, even in her love life because of what happens in episode one. She’s going on and exploring her options,” said Denise, teasing that viewers will “see [Raquel] grow and transform and become the person she really is.”

    Denise thinks that transformation is something to which fans will be able to connect.

    “Because she’s going through this rediscovery and asking all these questions, that’s where the audience is going to relate to her the most,” she said. “She’s wealthy, troubled, smart and she’s learning to deal with her emotions and speak up about them and I think that’s a place that every woman has been in at some point in her life. That’s why she’ll be super-relatable.”

    Denise’s character is the freshman on the sophomore series that returns to VH1 on Memorial Day at 9 p.m. (EST). On the show, she’s introduced as an old pal of LisaRaye’s character, Keisha.

    “She’s a longtime friend of Keisha’s. Raquel used to summer with her aunt who lived next door to Keisha. So, they used to spend their summers together, and they’ve been like sisters ever since. They’ve always communicated. We just didn’t see Raquel ’cause Raquel was traveling for work,” Denise explained.

    Although she acknowledged that most people—including “Single Ladies” fans—don’t like change, Denise said her co-stars welcomed her.

    “LisaRaye called me a couple days after the announcement that I’d booked the series,” said Denise. “She hosted a dinner when we first got out here and cooked for me and Charity [Shea]. I brought wine. Charity brought cupcakes.”



    See photos of the season 2 cast below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you think Denise will make a good addition to the show, or are you still bummed that Stacey is gone? Leave your comments below.


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