No bail for mom who stabbed infant

    Kenisha Thomas, the 29-year-old mother accused of brutally attacking her 8-month-old daughter with a knife while inside a Social Services office in Baltimore, has been denied bail.

    Kenisha is being placed on suicide watch and will undergo psychiatric evaluation, while her baby girl, Pretty Diamond, remains in critical condition.

    That’s no thanks to her mother who reportedly told authorities, "I hope my baby is dead."

    Kenisha, who was apparently upset that she did not have full custody of her daughter, screamed to those at the scene once her hourlong supervised visit was coming to an end. "Lock me up. If I can’t have her, nobody will," she said, according to The Baltimore Sun. However, they had no idea what was coming next and only had time to react to what became a savage scene.

    Reports indicate that the Social Service workers saved the baby from additional harm. One reportedly took drastic measures, throwing a chair at Kenisha’s face and then wrestling her to the ground to keep her from getting to the child.

    While she was vocal the day of the horrific incident, Kenisha had nothing to say to the court, The Sun reports. She sat rocking in her chair with her head down and her hair over her eyes.

    It’s not yet clear whether Kenisha has grasped the magnitude of her actions, but CBS News and The Sun report that she looked “more disheveled” than she did when arrested Tuesday.

    Authorities are now trying to figure out how Kenisha was able to get a knife into the Social Services offices, past the metal detectors and security.

    Watch the news report below.

    —Jacob Rohn



    Pretty Diamond’s incident was a tragedy. What could have been done to prevent it? Leave your comments below.


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