Yandy Smith talks pregnancy

    Yandy Smith can’t wait to meet her baby boy, whom she hopes takes after his old man.

    “Love & Hip-Hop” star Yandy Smith gushed over her unborn son during an interview with MashondaLoyal.com, explaining that the two will be inseparable. “If I make an appearance, my son will as well," she told Mashonda. "No one will be able to separate me from that lil boy for a while.”
    Yandy hasn’t given up the name of the father, but she hopes her son is just like his dad and her mixed together. She wants her son to be “smart, confident, caring, compassionate, a leader.” She’s referred to the mystery man on Twitter as “her honey” who’s “such a great guy.”
    Along with the nameless mystery dad, she has yet to come up with a name for her son. Yandy told Mashonda, “It has to be just perfect. And dad and I haven’t found a name that gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling we’re looking for.”
    The former manager of Jim Jones is excited about finally taking care of something that is hers.
    “I’m really excited to hold this baby. I can’t wait to see what all these kicks in my belly look like on the outside. I can’t wait to kiss him, smell him, play with his toes, sing him to sleep,” she said. “And honestly I’ve spent so many years taking care of artist now I can take care of something that is all mine (well me and daddy’s).”
    The reality TV star, manager and president of the digital magazine Everything Girls Love plans to worry about everything a new mom can.
    “Balancing work with being a mommy, will I be able to breast feed, will I be a good mom, will he get sick, will I always be able to provide for him, what child care will be best, what school will he attend, who will he date…you name it. I’m nervous about it."
    Yandy isn’t the only “Love & Hip-Hop” star that’s pregnant; Kimbella also has a baby on the way.
    The two have been supportive of each other, with Kimbella tweeting Yandy, “LOVE you Yan!! Were in this together!!!”
    Yandy said the one thing she’s going to instill in her son the most is “To have a respect and love for God.”



    —Glynnesha Taylor




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