‘Ev and Ocho’ boycott targets advertisers

    People boycotting Evelyn Lozada are hitting VH1 where it hurts: their advertisers.

    More than 16,800 people have signed the petition against Evelyn’s spin-off "Ev and Ocho" since S2S broke the story on April 24 (remember where you heard it first, folks). At that time the, there were only 691 signatures.

    Originally, petition organizer Alexis M was only asking supporters to reach out to VH1’s offices by phone and snail mail, but the campaign against Evelyn Lozada is getting a little more pointed. Now, supporters are being asked to e-mail VH1’s CEO and even send in faxes if they have to.

    Alexis is also turning up the pressure by prompting petitioners to either contact or stop buying products from "Basketball Wives" advertisers such as Garnier, Progressive Insurance, Proactiv and General Motors just to name a few. Alexis herself has even reached out to Burger King, another advertiser.

    "I’m currently waiting on Burger King’s president to return my phone call. I sent him all the video footage of the ‘Basketball Wives’ violence," Alexis states on a petition update. "Burger King didn’t even know what ‘Basketball Wives’ is. The secretary was polite enough to view some of the video footage of the violence."

    Alexis might have more footage to send them after this week’s episode of "Basketball Wives," where Tami Roman, Nia Crooks and Evelyn Lozada talk about how Jennifer Williams is making things worse for herself. In this sneak peek of tonight’s show, it looks like Evelyn might be mentally preparing for another altercation.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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