‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 5.1.12

    Viewers got a taste of "Ev and Ocho," while Royce Reed begged to be taken seriously on "Basketball Wives."

    It’s your own fault if you get hit

    Once again, Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada and Nia Crooks gather to complain about Jennifer Williams taking legal action after getting slapped in the face. According to Nia and Evelyn, it’s Jen’s fault for getting popped, and she should just shut up if she doesn’t want to get stung again.

    Not only is it Jen’s fault for getting smack, Nia believe she invited…because apparently the concept of sarcasm is lost on her.

    Evelyn’s just strategizing a way to get Jen uninvited from the cast’s upcoming trip to Tahiti; when it’s clear that her ex-BFF won’t be bumped, she enlists Tami’s help in wrangling her temper…because apparently the concept of self control is lost on her.

    After some chatter over drinks, Evelyn is seen at Chad’s place where she’s trying to pull off an extreme home makeover—or at least get rid of her boo’s bad chandelier.  VH1 is really trying to get viewers ready for "Ev and Ocho," because a good chunk of Monday’s show centeted on the lovebirds.

    Tami takes her daughters to bootcamp

    Meanwhile, Tami called on Royce to help her daughters find their rhythm–not an easy task, according to Tami. She wants her babies to be the best entertainers that they can be. If they want to be sinfer, she feels that it’s essential for them to learn how to move in order to be the complete package.

    Her daughters are athletic, just not coordinated. Royce seemed to be making progress with the girls until her book Dezmon Briscoe showed up–then it was every stepper for herself! Tami being Tami couldn’t resist the urge to mess with Dezmon a bit, but he seemed to handle the needling well. 


    VH1 previews "Ev and Ocho"…kind of

    Producers couldn’t spend too much time away from Evelyn and Chad, who had moved outside for some time in the rain.

    Evelyn wasn’t too hot about the idea at first since she’d just gotten her hair done (and we don’t blame her), but Chad was unconcerned about her coif. He demanded that she sit outside and endure a few drops of "God’s rain" so that they could discuss their wedding plans.

    The NFL baller had his bride-to-be a little concerned at first because he teased  that he would wear a red tuxedo for their big day.  Good taste be dammed!

    Fortunately for him, he was joking, but talk of a wedding did bring out Evelyn’s generous side as she proposed letting her sister and brother-in-law renew their vows during the ceremony. How did Chad take to the idea of sharing the spot light? Find out.

    Evelyn and Tami get checked

    It’s not all shouting matches and bottle throwing for Evelyn, who went in for her first mammogram this week. She brought Tami along for a little moral support in the form of getting her own screening.

    While they had the doctor in front of them, Tami and Evelyn took the opportunity to ask a few questions that everyone woman should consider.



    Royce breaks down

    Just when she thought that Royce’s dad was finally beginning to accept her relationship with Dezmon, reality slapped Royce in the face. Her pop still doesn’t believe that Dez is the real deal, and he thinks they are moving way too fast.

    Royce knows that she’s daddy’s little girl, but she wants to be taken seriously as an adult, and the accusations he flung at her were hurtful. Royce nearly fell to her knees, crying in street and begging her father to let her be happy and see her as an adult.

    "My dad definintely still treats me like a little girl to the point now that pur relationship has been hindered," Royce said during a confessional.

    Somehow we don’t think that throwing a temper tantrum helped her case. And did you peep how her dad was talking to her? It looked like a parent trying to talk to their toddler, which is not even the position for Royce to be in if she wants him to see her as an adult capable of making her own decisions.


    —Sonya Eskridge

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