Beyoncé offers weight-loss advice

    Her rapid weight loss is one reason rumors that a surrogate carried her infant daughter persist, but Beyoncé said she regained her girlish figure the old fashioned way.

    "I lost most of my weight from breastfeeding and I encourage women to do it. It’s just so good for the baby and good for yourself," Beyoncé told People magazine.

    While many of her superstar counterparts, like Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey, signed on for weight-loss programs after giving birth, Bey, who admitted she gained 50 pounds during the pregnancy, breastfed her daughter for 10 weeks, and after that she hit the gym.

    “I worked out maybe three or four times a week,” said Beyoncé, who also counted her calorie intake. “I did a lot of walking in the beginning and now I’m running, but I had to work my way up. I couldn’t just go right from being pregnant to running.”

    Beyoncé, who’s only a few pounds away from her pre-pregnancy weight, now looks as slim and trim as ever, and that’s a bit of a badge of honor for the singer, who’s known for skimpy onstage outfits and curve-hugging ensembles.

    “I’m proud my waist came back so fast. I’m proud of that and happy, but that was mostly from the breastfeeding,” she said.

    While many are in awe of how quickly Beyoncé’s body has bounced back, she’s amazed by the changes she’s noticed that she considers a sign of womanhood.

    “Your body produces the hormones that make your body soft,” she said. “It’s just magical. It makes me so proud to be a woman because it’s just unexplainable what happens to your body. It’s incredible.”

    Watch this video of Bey’s Most Beautiful cover shoot for People.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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