Deitrick Haddon shares redemption in new movie

    Deitrick Haddon is on a mission to bring lost lambs back into the fold with his new movie A Beautiful Soul.

    No one is perfect, but sometimes not fitting in with a particular congregation might scare some people away from having a relationship with God. It’s something that Deitrick feels many people of faith have struggled with at some point or another.

    "The thing is, I think people are kind of turned off a little bit from the church because we’re kind of judgmental. You can find a lot of judgmental people in the four walls of the church," Deitrick admitted to S2S, adding that this is one particular wound he hopes his movie can help to heal.

    "I want people to feel beautiful. I want people to feel loved no matter where they are," said Deitrick. "I just want people to feel the love of God. That’s why I called it A Beautiful Soul."

    In the movie, Deitrick stars as the incredibly successful, super ballerific Andre Stephens who is described as a "flat-out heathen" that has no problem throwing his clout around. "He has money, has fame; he has fortune, has power, and he used and he abused it," Deitrick described. "He treats people like dirt. The funny thing is he comes from a church background, a strong foundation, but he veered off the path because he found success out there—outside of the church."

    But just as surely as he climbed his way to the top of the A-List, Andre is brought crashing back down to deal with his spiritual ruin. "He gets a serious reality check at the height of his career," Deitrick said. "Something happens to him where he has to face the reality of how he is…his ways."

    Helping him get back on the right path is Andre’s voice of reason in the form of his best friend Chris Scott (played by Robert Ri’chard).

    The gospel singer couldn’t give away too much of the movie, which also stars Golden Brooks as Andre’s mother, but he thinks that moviegoers will be able to connect with Andre’s story of redemption. "I think the viewers that would go see this will be very entertained, and they’ll be able to relate to this some kind of a way," Deitrick said before getting a little personal about his claim. "Me and Andre are two completely different people, but the one thing I can relate [to] is that I’m not perfect even though I’ve been singing gospel music."

    That’s the main thing that Deitrick wants the audience to take away: no matter what you’ve done, or who you are, God still loves you."I’ve done my share of dirt," said the singer, who wouldn’t go into detail about his misdeeds. "I have not been perfect, but the good thing about it is God…His love can reach us where we are. That’s why I wanted to share that story."

    You can see the whole story for yourself starting May 4, when A Beautiful Soul hits AMC theaters. Check out the movie’s website for location, and get a preview of the movie below.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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