Jennifer Williams’ lawsuit a ‘mature’ decision

    There are certain unalienable rights we have as American people: the right to a fair trial in court, the right of free speech, and the right to be able to sit in a public setting with friends (and enemies) and not be physically attacked.

    When Jennifer Williams, star of “Basketball Wives,” was slapped in the face by a former friend, her rights were 100 percent violated. It’s expected that grown women (read: over 25) have reached a maturity level that allows them to handle their issues verbally and not physically. Some seem to think violence is the answer, when in actuality, it does nothing but create bigger issues.

    In this case, Jennifer decided to take legal actions. I might be in the minority, but I agree with her decision all the way. Although she may have lost street credibility and may even be asked not to return if there’s another season of “Basketball Wives,” I feel like her decision was much more grown up and mature.

    In the times we are living in now, people are seriously injuring people during physical altercations, or even worse, killing them. When people are in a fit of anger and rage, all it takes is one hard blow to the wrong part of someone’s body to ruin lives.

    At least one of Jennifer’s co-stars referred to her decision to take legal action a “bitch move.” The sentiment was that Jennifer should have either fought back at that moment or dropped it, not go to the courts- but what is this really saying?

    While Jennifer’s cast mate Tami [Roman] admitted she had a pretty rough upbringing and participated in more than one physical fight in her day, Jennifer, on the other hand, grew up in the suburbs, seemingly surrounded around people who would rather shop and get manicures than to brawl.

    Taking everyone’s history into consideration, it’s still hard to justify someone physically harming others, especially people who have their guard down and aren’t expecting it.

    Honestly, all the beef going on between the women of “BBW” seems like something straight out of a neighborhood high school: ‘Why aren’t you my friend anymore?’ ‘Why did you talk about my shoes?’ Blah. Blah. Blah!

    These women may be trying new, innovative ways to get more air time on TV, but if they aren’t careful this could leave them with the wrong kind of exposure. For Nia Crooks, the woman who slapped Jennifer while cameras rolled, it could also lead to jail.

    Deidre Mathis is a graduate student at Bowie State University. Deidre enjoys traveling, writing, and anything involving public relations and communications. She is currently writing a travel-focused book due out in 2013. She resides in Greenbelt, MD.






    Instead of a physical fight, Jennifer Williams pressed charges against her attacker. Will this change the way women react to situations on reality shows? Leave your comments below.

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