Tami Roman answers your questions

    When Tami Roman wanted to clear up a few things about all the drama unfolding on "Basketball Wives," she told her Twitter followers they could find the answers here. Did Tami answer a question you submitted? Find out. 


    prettynblk1: Do you think Evelyn [Lozada] is being a bully towards Jennifer [Williams]?

    Tami: I think that Evelyn needs to find a better way to deal with things, which she has openly admitted herself. People judge based on how they would handle a situation. They don’t take into consideration how a person was raised. Everybody’s going to handle things differently. I’m not saying what she did was right, but she handled things differently than how someone else might.

    sccatina1975: If you weren’t on "Basketball Wives" what would you be doing?
    Tami: I would probably still be acting. I was doing that for 12 years before I came onto “Basketball Wives.” I just signed on to be one of the cast members for a new show on TV One called “Belle” with Elise Neal and Ella Joyce. I’ve been producing behind the scenes. My short film that I produced called The Tombs, received the Paul Robeson Award. I’m doing things outside of “Basketball Wives.”

    NicholeFraser: If [you] weren’t a part of "BBW," how would you feel about the show and the drama?
    Tami: I watched the first season. I thought my personal stories weren’t present. That’s why I chose to come on the show. Now that I’m here, I would absolutely love for more of my life, and what I’m about, to be shown. All of us would.

    pnm83: Are you cool with Jennifer ’cause when you’re with Evelyn, you now seem to enjoy what Evelyn does to Jennifer?
    Tami: I think that people watch this show and then they forget what they watched. They should look at it from the full layout of the show. I tried to get Evelyn and Jennifer to be friends. Fourteen years of friendship, that should be valuable. I can’t care more about your friendship than you do. If they’re not working toward repairing it, then I have no place in that, and I think people miss that.

    What advice does Tami offer to a 20-something whose man has a bad temper? Find out in the May 2012 issue of Sister 2 Sister.

    —Tracy L. Scott


    Do you think Tami has taken sides in the Evelyn vs. Jennifer feud? If so, whose side do you think she’s on? Leave your comments below.


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