‘Basketball Wives’ movie on the way

    "Basketball Wives" is getting a little too big for TV, so Shaunie O’Neal’s turning it into a movie!

    Expect lots of drink throwing, screaming and fabulous fashion when the drama of "Basketball Wives" makes its way to the big screen! Variety.com reports that Fox Searchlight has just locked in on a pitch from Shaunie and Jumping the Broom producer Tracey Edmonds.

    As opposed to just stretching out an episode of "Basketball Wives" and plopping it into theaters, the as-yet untitled movie will be a complete work of fiction that’s loosely based on Shaunie’s life and those of her girlfriends who are considered "in the circle."

    "The beauty of a feature film is that we’ll have the ability to dig much deeper into the stories and characters that come from this very colorful world and create a very juicy, action-packed narrative," Tracey told Variety.

    Elizabeth Hunter, who wrote Jumping the Broom, is writing up a script that centers on a woman who follows her boyfriend (not husband or even fiancé) to Miami where he’s been drafted to play for the NBA. Once she touches down, she’s immediately swept up into the high-stakes world of professional sports and winds up making friends with the wives of her beau’s teammates.

    So think of it like the first season or two of "The Game," but for the NBA. 

    Shaunie, who hooked up with Tracey for this project, has not commented on the deal at this time.

    While it remains to be seen whether they will appear in the movie, get a peek at the cast of "Basketball Wives" season 4 below!



    —Sonya Eskridge




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