Angelea Preston is pregnant

    Angelea Preston, the “America’s Next Top Model” contestant who faced a shocking elimination from the show’s All-Star season, is pregnant.

    According to Angelea’s Twitter page, she’s now a client of the Expecting Models agency, which lists her as three to six months pregnant.

    Speculation was rampant over why Angelea, who made it to the finals of cycle 17 of the show, was disqualified without much of an explanation from show creator Tyra Banks or the CW network.

    "After production wrapped on the current cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model,’ we learned information that made Angelea ineligible and she was subsequently disqualified from the competition," read a statement released by the CW at that time.

    Many believed Angelea was deemed the winner, but was cut from the competition because she violated the CW’s rules by announcing the show’s results on her Facebook page.

    However, there were also rumors that Angelea might be pregnant, which would keep her from fulfilling the responsibilities of the All-Star winner.

    While some fans might want to shout, “I knew it!” now, there’s still been no official confirmation that her mommy status had anything to do with her disqualification. However, the math suggests that maybe Angelea did discover her bun in the oven around that time.

    The episode in which Tyra announced Angelea’s disqualification aired in December and was likely taped a few months prior to that. That was approximately five months ago. By that calculation, Angelea would likely be into her third trimester, making her closer to seven months pregnant.

    Whether or not her pending motherhood had anything to do with her elimination from the show, Angelea seems to be happy about her life right now.

    In March, she tweeted: “god is soooo good ALL THE TIME! ;-)”


    Angelea is listed in the 3 to 6 month category on



    See photos of Angelea and her All-Star co-stars below.

    —Tracy L. Scott

    Do you feel the mystery is solved? Did Angelea’s pregnancy result in her “ANTM” elimination? Leave your comments below.


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