‘Basketball Wives’ recap: 5.8.12

    Relationship problems

    We have to hand it to Tami Roman: It seems like she’s really trying to get a handle on her anger management issues.

    We were glad to see something positive before we were subjected to Royce Reeds’ meeting with her father. Last week’s breakdown in the park was unpleasant enough (we were embarrassed for her), but we found out that it could have been worse.

    After refusing to take Royce seriously as an adult, her dad decided that a dinner out was the perfect time to lecture her. Royce knows that her dad loves her, but she needs him to be more supportive. We’re not sure she should hold her breath on that.

    Making an uncomfortable situation even worse was the fact that Royce’s dad asked her beau Dezmon Briscoe if he thought she was needy…and he said yes!

    Evelyn Lozada can pay your bills!

    Over with Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada, he was definitely the needy one. The NFL player was acting like a big baby that demanded to be coddled while in recovery.

    Although Chad was obviously on his deathbed, Evelyn was in wedding planning mode. She asked her hubby-to-be where he wanted to go for their honeymoon and all that came out of his mouth was pure nonsense.


    Excuse Kesha Nichols for breathing

    Speaking of viruses, it looked like Kesha Nichols was fighting off a bug of her own as the cast traveled to Tahiti. The cast newbie was coughing quite a bit on the way to the hotel, and it was starting to get on Tami’s nerves.

    We get the feeling that Kesha would not have had to do very much to get on Tami’s nerves, though. In this case, Kesha was just a little slow to cover her mouth while coughing.

    "I get offended when people cough and don’t cover their mouth," Tami said. "That’s a big deal for me. I don’t tolerate that from anybody."

    Germaphobes that we are at S2S, we completely understand how Tami feels. But didn’t Tami’s therapist just say that she shouldn’t make everything such a big deal?!


    Swimming with sharks

    Hooray for metaphors! After getting schooled on how to cough considerately, Kesha thought it might be time to take a dip in the ocean. Unfortunately, she would be swimming amongst the sharks, which made her a little hesitant to get in the water.

    Hmm…a cast newbie being trapped on a trip with "BBW" veterans who don’t like her? Nope we don’t see how that could possibly be paralleled by her diving into shark-infested waters.


    Tazmanian Tami comes out

    Either Tami had a slip up, or learning did not take place during her last therapy session. Or maybe it was just that the show was due for its routine fight. In any case, a round of drinks turned into a confrontation about something Kesha said a few episodes back.

    Tami knew it probably wasn’t a great idea to indulge in a few drinks, but she did it anyway. This was the result.





    —Sonya Eskridge

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