Dawn Richard finds new love

    Dawn Richard has found new love, but she admits that her relationship takes a backseat to work.

    Dawn revealed during her recent sitdown on "Sway in the Morning" that she’s moved on with her life. Not unlike her last relationship, though, she admitted that she’s seeing another man in the industry.

    The "Bombs" singer is keeping much of the details about him to herself, but she did reveal that he’s from Atlanta. "I’m dating a producer, a guy that works under Polow [da Don]. He is a rapper/ producer but we are just dating and seeing where it goes," Dawn said of her budding romance.

    While some might question her decision to date another man in the industry, Dawn explained why such a match makes sense for her as she preps her new solo album. "I need for somebody to understand that my career is so first right now," she said, adding that her new album will likely be released independently unless she finds a label that’s willing to bring her onboard. "I have to be the label right now, so whatever I was doing before, I’m doubling that."

    Being your own label means a lot of long hours with almost no time for a personal life. Still the relationship—such as it is—means a lot to Dawn, and she places a lot of value on it. "My hustle and my grind is….I don’t sleep, and so for me the best that I think I can do right now is start to feel comfortable with trusting again," said Dawn. "So, that’s a great thing right now and I don’t really have time to be more than that."

    Dawn shared that she’s so focused on her career that had her man not been so determined to date her, she’d still be single. "He just has a way of [being persistent]," she said with a laugh. "He is a very persistent guy so…"

    But Dawn wouldn’t be with her new mystery man if things had worked out with her long-time boo Que, formerly of Day26. Dawn and Que famously met up on "Making the Band," a show on which Diddy tried to cultivate Day26 and Danity Kane. 

    Many people thought that they would get married, but the pair split so quietly that the public wasn’t even aware of their breakup. Dawn made one thing absolutely clear, though, stating that she and Que are no longer an item because of his wandering eye.

    "He cheated," Dawn explained matter-of-factly. Actually, she revealed that Que cheated on her more than once, and she tried her best to hang in there with him because she really felt like he was trying to be a good guy. "I was praying and we were fighting and I was saying it kind of…. He really tries to be a good person and I think he got lost in it; that’s all."

    Ultimately, it was Dawn that decided to end the relationship because she didn’t want the constant sense that she was in competition for his affections. "Honestly, I think I am enough and if I’m not then I’m not the chick you need to be rocking with and I made a choice," said Dawn. "He ain’t a bad person. That was a choice he made."

    In his position, however, Dawn pointed out that she would not have made the same choices. "No, that’s not my style. I’m a Leo; we faithful and loyal," said Dawn, who said she never once came close to stepping out on Que. "I’m a different chick. If it’s done right, I’m sticking home. I’m good."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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