Kesha Nichols’ beef with Tami Roman is done

    Although “Basketball Wives” fans watched Kesha Nichols and Tami Roman clash on more than one occasion this season, the dancer said their drama is over.

    “After Tami’s health scare, whatever drama was going on between us was out the window,” Kesha told Sister 2 Sister in reference to the heart attack Tami suffered in March.

    Kesha said the petty on-air rivalries pale in comparison to “real life problems and health.”

    Tami and Kesha’s relationship got off to a rocky start when Tami bluntly questioned the series newcomer about her ethnicity. That rubbed Kesha the wrong way and instead of mentioning it to Tami first, Kesha sought advice from Tami’s friend, Evelyn Lozada. That backfired.

    “I had the full intention of speaking to Tami directly. It just so happened that the next time I saw her was at my friend’s charity event, so I didn’t think that was the right place,” she explained. That failure to address it at their next meeting left the door open for Tami to hear Kesha’s concerns second hand.

    “I knew Evelyn was going to tell her. I was just having a conversation about how to handle a person like Tami, who’s quick to snap,” said Kesha. “That’s exactly what I got from her.”

    However, that’s all water under the bridge, according to Kesha, who sent Tami well-wishes when she was ill.

    “I sent her an email telling her I hoped for a speedy recovery and was praying for her, and that’s the last I heard of it,” she said.

    Although there have been rumors of a boycott, the “Basketball Wives” season 4 reunion is scheduled to tape this Saturday. It remains to be seen whether Kesha and Tami’s relationship remains intact.

    See photos of Kesha, Draya Michele, Evelyn Lozada and all your favorite “Basketball Wives.”


    —Tracy L. Scott

    Are you Team Kesha or Team Tami? Do you think Tami and Kesha are friends now? Leave your comments below.


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